Friday 5pm in Arizona – Please Join for Andi’s Energetic ‘Happy Hour’…We invite you to be part of our LIVE Broadcast!!  This week is all about:  “Standing in Your Greatness”!  Stop in – we can move energy for you too!! Lots of FUN! Every Friday!!

Welcome to our Sacred Temple of Light in Scottsdale!

Our Temple of Light acknowledges Divine and Eternal Truths. To us, each person is a Tree of Life, and we believe it is the good healthy roots that create ‘the fruit’. Now is the time to finally and fully reap the beautiful fruits of our lives and our work.  One session with Rita and/or Andi offers you a distinct change in Grounding, Clarity and Purpose!

We are all about Healing Bodies and Igniting Souls! …and about Enlightenment, Elevating Consciousness, Healing, Empowerment and helping you LIVE with Peace of Mind and Peace in Heart, Soul and Body!

This Temple of Light we continue to create and expand offers unique one-of-a-kind services to help you in leaps and bounds!  Experience true change, transformation, tune-ups  – many available degrees of assistance – as and when you need them!  We are honored to assist in strengthening your Tree!

Please make a note that Fridays:  Andi’s Energetic “Happy Hour” Radio Show BROADCASTS LIVE from our Scottsdale, Arizona office at 5pm.  You’re welcome to be part of the show…Experience Power Energy Clearings…or sit back and enjoy the show!  Afterwards, we keep out doors open and expand the fun for ‘Enlightening Evenings’ – with sharing, mingling, networking, meaningful exchanges, and a couple of surprises… Fridays are creatively special and open to the public… Love Offerings are appreciated.

Please sign up for our newsletter and we’ll keep you posted on events, celebrations – an upcoming Grand Opening and keep you posted on What’s New at Healing Dynamics International!  We are happy to show you around!

We’re on the east side of Hayden, just south of Thomas.

2401 N. Hayden Road
Suite 114
Scottsdale, AZ 85257

Please call: (480) 423 6967