This Friday's Double Feature at HDI!

Friday:  6-7PM:  Join our LIVE AUDIENCE for Andi’s Energetic “Happy Hour” Radio Show with Special Guest:  Psychic Medium Jerry Adams…. It’s free to be in our audience and we’d love to have you!

This show is an “Energy Forum”….we’ll answer any questions you have about ‘Energy’ in any form:  Angels, Loved Ones on the Other Side, Blocking Energies, Love Energy…

Send your questions in early to and you could win a mini-reading with Jerry, or a mini-clearing with Andi…

After the show – it’s movie night!!

SPIRITUAL CINEMA NIGHT!   7:30 -9:30 pm  This Month’s Movie: ‘The I AM’

Movies with a Meaning and Discussion on the last Friday of every month!

From the Director of Bruce Almighty, the Nutty Professor and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective comes a surprisingly powerful and inspirational film…. “Entertaining, and Enlightening – the I AM documentary is a spark of light and a work of Love” – Marianne Williamson;  “Amazing!” – Ellen

See how great this movie is!  View the Trailer:

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What's New at HDI!

Please check our Calendar for great Classes and Events:

Tues 1/21: Shift into the New Year & a New YOU! with Shannon Sousa!

Wed. 1/22:  Pendulum Workshop with Andi Feinberg

And mark your calendar for the last day of the month for our “Double Feature”:

6-7pm Live Radio Broadcast of Andi’s Energetic “Happy Hour” with special guest: Psychic Medium JERRY ADAMS– free to be in the audience of this special “Energy Forum”..

7:30pm Followed by our Spiritual Cinema featuring “The I AM”!

Happy NEW Year! Our Day of Angelic Healing – which is our ‘Healing Sampler’ is this Sunday, January 12th, from 1-4 pm.  Suggested Donation: $10 You are invited to spend a little time with each Practitioner to experience and understand the type of work they do and the benefits for you. Body, Mind,  Soul & Spirit – we’ve got preventative and Holistic help for each…and more!9


*If you have a printed coupon gift: The date is correct. the 12th and it is a Sunday (not Sat)! See you on Sunday!

2401 N. Hayden Rd. Suite #112

Scottsdale, AZ 85257

(480) 946-3136