A New Biology


I would like to welcome you to Light Body Radiance; I am Rita. At this very moment, there is a Divine Alchemy occurring within the physical, the mental, and the emotional bodies of each and every one of us. This Divine Alchemy is happening at the atomic cellular level not only within humanity’s physical body, but in the etheric, mental, and emotional strata of Mother Earth as well, as evidenced by the following excerpt from “Biology – The Evolution of Humanity”, by Steve Rother:

“As the body adjusts to the higher vibratory conditions it begins changing to accommodate the new environment. Some of these changes can cause alarm if one is not forewarned. Most common conditions are changes in sleep, waking in the night, heart palpitations, shaking, episodes of vibrating, temporary irregularities in heartbeat, hot flashes not attributed to menopause, shortness of breath, short-term memory loss, and early menopause. This has to do with the movement of the magnetic grid lines as the Earth proceeds with her advancements. These movements are needed to support the higher biology to which you are evolving. Your strong connection to the Earth will now reach new levels as both of you move into a higher vibrational state.”

(excerpt published with permission from “Biology – The Evolution of Humanity”, by Steve Rother; further information from Steve Rother and the Group may be found at http://www.lightworker.com or through Rother Enterprises at (619) 748-5837)

My greater vision is to introduce humankind into a greater state of harmony and balance by teaching people how to understand their “self”, their body’s energy, and how to transform “dis-eased” energy into health. I promote self-awareness and self-expression of the individual while empowering them to take an active roll in healing themselves and caring for the ones they love the same.

My purpose is to assist you in the ascension process of transforming your carbon-based “body” into the crystalline-based “solar” bodies of infinite “perfection”, ultimately embracing your “light”, “body”, “radiance” by expanding your awareness of your higher self, or the “I AM PRESENCE”. I will too supply you with the empowering tools essential to preparing for this inevitable transformation into your future, higher self.

Here is how I help you welcome your divine future self, your “Light Body Radiance” – please click here or visit the section ‘Modalities’ to understand the process and its benefits. To learn more about me, please click here for visit the section ‘About Rita’.

Thank you for visiting – Rita, Light Body Radiance