Pendulum Workshop This Weekend & Weekly News!

We have added a new Pendulum/Muscle-Testing Workshop for THIS WEEKEND with Andi Feinberg.  Please see the calendar for special times and special prices for those who have had a previous clearing with her!


JOIN US for our LIVE Broadcast of:

The Energetic “Happy Hour” Radio Show

Friday FUN: 5-6 pm   Stop in for:

Soul ‘Story Time’ – The Journey of the Soul with Andi Feinberg

5-6pm:  We open our doors for FUN on a Friday Afternoon and in the 2nd half-hour – Andi is happy to do some Energy Clearing and Energy Healing Work for you in any one area of Life – wherever you feel you need help to move forward!

Healing Dynamics International                                                                                             Suite #114 of The Hayden Professional Plaza                             Andi Small web with sign                                      2401 N. Hayden Rd.                                                                                                   Scottsdale, AZ 85257                                                                                                           (480) 946-3136

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