About Rita

Rita in chair - 300x200The History of Our Founder: Rita Bojorquez

Rita is the Owner of Light Body Radiance and the Founder of Healing Dynamics International.  She has an extensive and varied background of experience from over thirty years.

Rita’s inner journey began early in her childhood, naturally following the legacy of her two grandmothers who served their respective communities as medicine women. Her first spiritual epiphany was at the age of 4, where she clearly recalls her spiritual teachers guiding and teaching her the application of eternal laws and the principals that govern the cycles of life. By age 9, she was officially initiated into her healing path. Rita completed her BA in Gerontology and Geriatrics Studies in 1982, Juarez Chih., Mexico. In the years that followed, Rita developed a high sense of Perception that helps with consistent, effective treatments. She too graduated from Phoenix Therapeutic Massage College in 1990. Through formal education and decades of diligent treatments, Rita has learned to blend many therapeutic methods to ultimately rehabilitate, revitalize, and nurture the body and soul with healthy, vibrant energy. Like her ancestral medicine women, Rita has been recognized in her community; her participation in Scottsdale Healthcare Cancer Survival program “Serenity of the Pines”. She is bi-lingual (Spanish/English).

Rita has added other alternative and natural modalities including SRT; Release Point Therapy; Life Coaching, Back Pain and Aromatherapy from S.W.I.H.A. (Southwestern Institute of the Healing Arts, AZ); and is a Master of Reiki Natural Healing.

Rita has Divinely Blended her Scientific and Medical Background With Natural therapies.  Working with the five elements, organs and meridians – and with her higher gifts of sight and perception – Rita has developed her own Unique – and Powerfully Effective – Wholistic Healing System.

It has always been Rita’s Dream to build a Healing Center that allows the Soul to Spring Forth, and Help People to Elevate their Consciousness, Revitalize and Rejuvenate their Bodies and Enjoy A Vibrant Life!