This Week at HDI!

Thursday Night: 7- 8:30pm  Shift into Empowerment with Shannon Sousa – Founder of and our Certified Hypnotherapist and Life Coach…!  Join us find your “spark” to move forward!

Friday Night:  7:30-9:30 SPIRITUAL CINEMA!!   WATER – THE GREAT MYSTERY – with Special Guest:  Jane Reading of Water Transformations!  Great Movie – and lots to talk about after!

Saturday, March 1st – 11am -Noon:  World Peace Meditation with Andi Feinberg.  Join us to deliver Healing & Love for the People and our Planet!!

Sunday, March 2nd:  10am-6pm:   $80  “Healing the Waters in Yourself, Healing the Waters of the Planet”      There is much we can understand about the water in our bodies, and how to work with it to be the healthiest, brightest beings we can be. Since we are 75% water, we can create great changes in our health and connect with Spirit much more deeply through connecting with the water inside ourselves. When you work with yourself and your true watery nature, it is possible to clear memories, emotions, and toxicity from your waters, and become fluidity. If you look at how water acts in nature, water always takes the easiest course! 

Once we are tuned up with a loving frequency, water anywhere will resonate and uplift to our frequency.  The angels have said it is time for us to stop wondering IF we can manage the health of the planet, and know that we can!  The Earth is calling us to the truth of our power NOW.  REGISTER HERE!!scottsdale-2-15-heal-the-waters/cji0


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